Course Categories

Content for all learning styles

Ensure no-one in your organisation falls behind in their training by catering for every learning type: Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic.

Cademi delivers courses & content in all formats including interactive, video, podcast, audio books, visual and expert articles and we freshen it up on a weekly basis ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Micro-learning as standard

Your people don’t want to sit in a classroom for a day, or spend an hour at a time watching an outdated video. Those days are gone, this is the age of Google and YouTube.

They want to learn on their terms, and that means at the point of need and when it works best for them. Cademi is built for the modern learner to ensure that you have an engaged and upskilled workforce.

Studies show that Microlearning may be up to 17% more effective at transferring knowledge than traditional classroom training, and may even increase information retention by 20%

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