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Cademi is an intuitive eLearning platform that makes compliance, learning and development (L&D) and upskilling, easy.

Make Compliance a Problem of the Past

Every organisation faces the obstacle of keeping up with changing regulations, protocols and industry standards. With Cademi, compliance becomes second nature. You’ll always have the right people, with the right skills, on the job.

Cademi is an agile learning management system (LMS) and learning experience platform (LXP). At its core, Cademi makes mandatory training easy to assign, monitor and complete.

With hundreds of courses built in, our learning experience platform equips your employees with the knowledge to uphold regulations and be great at their jobs.

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Keep on Top of Essential Training

Not meeting compliance standards puts your organisation at risk – financially and reputationally. Cademi LMS has all the tools to keep your employees on track.

Track Training Progress

Assign eLearning courses, view enrolment and track what training is complete, due or oustanding in our LMS. With a clear log of everyone’s compliance, you can rest assured you’re not at financial or legal risk.

Automate Reminders

Notify employees when you assign new courses or when compliance training is overdue or expired. Free up admin time so your L&D team can create more content to nurture your workforce into top talent.

Report and Share L&D Data

Get a clear view of compliance using our LMS dashboard and reporting templates. All L&D data seamlessly transfers to your integrated HR system and can easily be exported for last-minute audits.

Make Compliance Courses

Keep your compliance training current with our easy-to-use authoring tool. New standards or changing processes? Simply build new courses or edit existing ones so your employees always stay up to date.

Learn From Anywhere

Encourage employees to do essential training at home, in the office or on the move. All our courses are mobile-friendly and available offline, so your learners can learn at a time and place that works for them.

Upskill Your Team

Beyond compliance training, our all-in-one LXP supports your employees’ growth with self-directed learning. Each learner receives tailored curriculums to fill skill gaps and help them achieve career goals.

Tick off Compliance & Mandatory Training

Cademi LMS and LXP is complete with hundreds of courses to bridge skills gaps and keep employees engaged.

Our essential training covers everything from bribery and fire safety to GDPR and EDI. Each course is expertly made and updated with regulatory changes to ensure your work environment remains compliant.

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