What Does That Mean For You?

Future-proof your training

Mobile-first design meaning your training experience is accessible and versatile.

Don't leave anyone behind

Cademi caters for all learning styles meaning you'll never leave one of your people behind with training again.

A training programme that cuts through the noise

Today's workforce is overwhelmed and distracted and in a typical working week they spend 33% in meetings, 25% on emails, 5% being interrupted and only set aside 1% set for learning. Source: Deloitte

increased employee engagement

Today's workforce learns when and where it suits them with 48% of choosing an evening/weekend and 28% doing so on their daily commute.
Source: Bridging the Divide Report

What Does That Mean For You?

Take the guess work out of your employee training programme

Quickly identify gaps in the knowledge base within your business and create bespoke learning pathways at every level.

Access 1000s of quality training courses

All of our courses are hand-picked and reviewed by our team of Cademi experts before making their way to you.

Training courses your people want to complete

The Modern Learner only gives content 7 seconds to decide if it's for them or not.
Source: Modern Learning Content Report

A confident workforce

The Modern Learner feels empowered and are willing to improve and promote themselves through developing their soft skills. Source: Lynda

What Does That Mean For You?

Reduce downtime with bite-sized learning

Say goodbye to training courses that shut down departments or areas of your business for hours on end with bite-sized learning accessible at any time, from any device.

your people will keep on coming back for more

Artificial Intelligence adapts to your needs every time you use the system, ensuring the content is fresh and engaging.

Your training will be personalised to the individual

55% of Modern Learners desire personalised learning, which fits with the idea of 'right stuff, right time to help me'.
Source: Modern Learning Content Report

Content available at the point of need

The Modern Learner is savvy and will hunt out the best answers to their problems in the moment of need, and mostly on smartphones.

What Does That Mean For You?

Create training assets your employees will love

Our course authoring tool helps you to create courses aimed at every level, skill set and attention span.

Create goal-orientated learning pathways

One in four Modern Learners wish their current LMS had gamified elements.
Source: Growth Engineering

What Does That Mean For You?

Increase employee engagement through gamification

Our 14-day on-boarding programme is powered by science and designed to make learning a daily habit within your organisation.

Your leaders will be equipped to support the modern workforce

74% of of the Modern Workforce want manager support when it comes to their learning.
Source: Bridging the Divide Report

Accessibility as standard

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