No company wants a reputation of having a high employee turnover. Fact. Not only does it become a time-consuming and costly affair of constant recruitment and re-training, but it’s also a strong sign that something is not fundamentally right inside the business structure. 

According to Monster, the average employee turnover rate in the UK is 15% per year. However, this figure can vary dramatically between different industries, with retail, catering, call-centres, construction and the media industry all suffering with the highest employee turnovers. But why?

People resign for many different reasons. And, rarely it’s just about the money. Sometimes, it’s the pull of an exciting new job with more responsibility, a re-location of the family home, or just a change in circumstance. But, sometimes it’s more of a push, with people handing in their resignation letter because of boredom, poor relationships, poor health, frustration or lack of opportunity.

As a manager, supervisor or team leader, it’s your role to coach your team to success and happiness. With great power, comes great responsibility. It’s no longer just about getting work delivered in a specific time frame and to a particular budget – it’s about creating a holistic working environment. Empowering and nurturing employees to be the best versions of themselves so that they will want to do their best and most importantly, want to stay. But, how?

‘Really’ care about their wellbeing

The CIPD have recently released their latest health and wellbeing survey – one year after UK workplaces began protecting their employees against COVID-19. Their findings show that the pandemic has transformed the challenges faced by both employees and employers in terms of health and wellbeing, and especially mental health. In fact, mental health problems cost the economy of Great Britain more than £40 billion each year (excluding the value of their effect on the quality of life of the individual). About two¬thirds of the cost is due to their impact on people’s ability to work, according to the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

Therefore, now more than ever, putting employee wellbeing at the forefront of your core values is much needed, especially when it comes to managing the health risks of homeworking or part-returning to the office/place of work.

Adopting a holistic approach to management involves treating employees as the multi-faceted individuals that we all are. It’s about considering all aspects of a person, so that they can strive towards an optimal work/life balance. Not just career and financial facets, but also personal, physical, family, social, spiritual and mental too.

A supportive workplace environment should connect these facets – involving an effective communication stream from the employer through to the employee and back again. Regular communications around wellbeing should be established, using interactive and interesting tools to increase engagement.

This is where Cademi comes in for you. It is the first and only learning platform to make holistic well-being a major focus in the learning journey – designed to balance upskilling with personal wellbeing. 

Positive engagement this way shows that you are supporting and facilitating wellbeing naturally – rather than just imposing the initiatives on your staff in a way that they might not be able to absorb or be interested in.

Nail the training programme

Training is an area which many businesses put at the top of their priority lists, but which many fail to do successfully. While many businesses turn to traditional Learning Management Systems (LMS) in the hope that they will fulfil their employee’s learning needs, unfortunately they soon succumb to their many limitations. Dull presentations, Excel spreadsheets, time consuming exams and an outdated, slow processing interface. It doesn’t bode well. Team this with no flexibility, no personalisation and no recommended learning paths, and you’re onto a losing battle when it comes to trying to motivate your team. After all – everybody learns in a very different way. That’s why a holistic learning programme is just what you need to nail your training with ease and complete employee satisfaction.

Cademi is the only HLP to provide learners with online psychometrics to grow their self-awareness and help identify growth opportunities and constraints. Your team are offered access to 1,000s of quality training courses that are recommended for them as individuals. Plus, all the training is in bite-size chunks, so your employees stay interested and there is no big downtime for your department while they learn.

What’s more, these engaging training sessions can be accessible to all, from any device, anywhere in the world. This is game-changing news given that one of the biggest barriers to training at present is finding a time and a date when everyone is free to come together for the training session itself.

Connect the team

Creating a good team, as opposed to a good group of individuals is one of the hardest tasks as a manager. Everyone is unique, after all, and people don’t always see eye-to-eye, especially in a working environment. It also takes time for people to get to know one another and real bonding can’t always be solved with a sporadic Zoom quiz or the odd after-work drink at the local beer garden.

People tend to unite through shared interests. Therefore, finding ways for them to connect naturally through hobbies, passions and leisure activities is a great way to nurture better relationships. This also works for everyone – not just for those who are the most confident and outgoing.

Cademi allows learners to share their interests and passions through their digital user-profiles, making it easy for team-members to find out more about each other and create topics of communication through mutual interests. Maybe two of your team members are hugely into Star Wars, or yoga, or travelling around South America. So, here’s a chance to let them make that connection, create a bond and feel part of a group.

Recognise and reward

We all like to feel rewarded for our success and the fruits of our labour. Employee recognition let’s your people know that they are appreciated and are performing their role well, thus improving their motivation and loyalty to the team. Survey Monkey partnered with Bonusly to find out whether employee recognition is really correlated to staff retention and found that not only are 82% of people happier when they’re recognised at work, but 63% of those who always or usually feel recognised at work are very unlikely to seek a new job in the next 3 – 6 months.

Recognition is not however a one-size-fits-all solution. It must be tailored to suit the nature of your workforce and integrated as part of their daily working lives. It’s about finding little ways to say thank you. Hidden hero awards, personalised cards, free lunches, duvet days, shopping vouchers and money towards a hobby can all go a long way in rewarding loyalty in your team.

Rewards are not only necessary for performance goals either. They are vital for training purposes also. Leader boards, badges and certifications allow employees to track their progress, compare themselves to other likeminded individuals and strive towards their next goal. It makes the learning process fun and interactive. Rather than dull and repetitive.

Cademi increases your employee engagement with training through gamification. Our 30-day on-boarding programme is powered by science and designed to make learning a daily habit within your organisation.

The workplace has changed dramatically, not just this past year, but since the age of the digital disruption began to creep in. Keeping your team happy and healthy is a full-time job and one that can’t be ignored.

Cademi increases your employee engagement with training through gamification. Our 30-day on-boarding programme is powered by science and designed to make learning a daily habit within your organisation.

The workplace has changed dramatically, not just this past year, but since the age of the digital disruption began to creep in. Keeping your team happy and healthy is a full-time job and one that can’t be ignored.

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