5 Skills Guaranteed to Boost Productivity and Employee Satisfaction

Have you ever wondered what skillset it takes to make your workplace excel?

In the ever-evolving business landscape, the key to a thriving workplace lies not just in the products or services offered, but in the people that make up the organisation. 

Cultivating specific skills within the workforce can significantly elevate employee satisfaction, which has been suggested improves productivity by 31%

So, what skills should you look for? Check out these 5 skills for best workplace practises.  


1. Effective Communication

This goes without saying, but we’ll make sure to provide some clarity!

Excellent communication is the foundation of a successful organisation. It’s about more than just transferring information – you need to make yourself understood clearly whilst understanding others.

Effective communicators will present their ideas clearly, provide feedback constructively, and ensure everyone feels heard, respected, and valued. 

When your team can effectively communicate, things tend to flow better. With everyone on the same page, you’ll experience fewer mishaps, seamless teamwork, and alignment of goals and objectives. Your team will be more likely to anticipate challenges, share and build on innovative ideas, and work collaboratively. 

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Communication, Inspiration, Teams

In today’s fast-paced business world, effective communication, influence, and teamwork are crucial yet often strained. This course offers a multimedia approach to mastering these vital skills, enhancing both individual value and overall business success.

2. Problem Solving and Critical Thinking

It’s the truth – every organisation faces its challenges! The difference lies in how they tackle them. 

Critical thinking is an essential skill that allows employees to judge situations objectively, be flexible on their perspective, and then choose the best course of action.

With a workforce well-versed in critical thinking and problem solving, any issues can be addressed head-on. These smooth operators ensure less wasted time stressing and more time getting the job done. They’re even likely to find innovative, better ways to complete tasks or change processes. 

E-Learning Expert Recommendation: 

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

In complex organisations, effective decision-making is key, but often challenging. This course equips you with ‘critical thinking’ principles and a practical framework to make clearer, better decisions in the workplace.

3. Time Management

During the working week, time flies. But, with the right skills, your team can be the pilots. 

Time management really means that your team understands which task is a priority. If they know this, it just comes down to setting clear, achievable goals and allocating appropriate time to complete these efficiently. Once they have this down, it just comes to sticking with it.

As an essential skill in the workplace, proper time management aids in reducing stress, preventing burnout, and making sure that deadlines are met. 

When employees can allot their time effectively, they’ll also find pockets of time they can commit to creative pursuits or their learning and development. Both contribute significantly to organisation growth! 

E-Learning Expert Recommendation: 

Time Management: Unlocking Your Productivity Potential

Time is priceless, but with the right skills and habits, we can maximise its value. This course provides a structured time management approach and essential habits to help you take charge of your precious hours.

4. Adaptability

If there’s one thing to guarantee in the workplace, it’s that change is constant. Whether its technological developments, market shifts, or organisational restructuring, adaptability guarantees your people can navigate changes confidently.

Adaptable employees are great for positive reinforcement throughout the team, too! With someone within the team who embraces change and rises to new challenges, they can help tackle workplace resistance. These champions of adaptability can guide their peers through challenges and encourage them to take on a more adaptable attitude.

This skill is essential for employees that need to learn quickly, adopt new tools or methods, and provide minimal disruption. They’re always ready for what’s next, supporting seamless transitions.


E-Learning Expert Recommendation: 

Change Management: Dealing with Change

Change is always going to happen, so it’s important you know how to deal with the impact. This course will teach you 3 ways to help manage through change.

5. Teamwork

We all know the saying – teamwork makes the dream work! But why is that the case?

In the ever-changing world of the modern workplace, teamwork is more essential than ever. We are developing a more diverse and inclusive workplace. Understanding team dynamics and valuing diverse perspectives play a huge role in effective team collaboration.

Every team in every organisation is working towards a common goal. Collaborative teams can pool their perspectives and knowledge to get the job done – much more efficiently. These teams are also much more likely to foster a positive attitude, where everyone feels valued. As a result, work feels less like work, and more like team play! 

Where people feel valued, job satisfaction and output are much higher. 

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Team Dynamics: Full Collection

Teamwork affects every aspect of the workplace. And when a team doesn’t see eye-to-eye, it causes some serious disruption. Our Team Dynamic courses talk you through these potential challenges to proactively solve them.

Develop Skills in Your Employees

Investing in employee development is a sure-fire way to improve skillsets company-wide. Supporting employee skillset demonstrates value in them, enhancing their job satisfaction.

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