Upskill or Uplift? Why your employee training programmes need both

If you’re in tune with trends in the UK labour market, you’re likely aware that the skills gap crisis is a serious and growing concern across most industries. Plug “skills gap crisis” into any search engine, and you will find report after report addressing this growing predicament.

And this issue isn’t only affecting productivity and employee happiness on the job—it’s impacting the ways companies recruit. With so many potential employees lacking the skills that employers are looking for, your company needs to rethink recruitment strategies. What skills and experiences are most valuable in your team?

As an employer, you can’t necessarily affect the preparation of the talent applying for your jobs. But the good news is, with some thoughtful workplace culture changes, investments in digital resources, employee upskilling, and attention to mental health, you can put an end to the skills gap crisis within your own team. These investments will certainly lead to your organisation reaping the many benefits of employees who are highly skilled, engaged, and mentally healthy.

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