How millennials changed the core values of business

Core values are extremely important for every single business operating right now.

Regardless of industry, size, or location, a company’s core values paint a picture of their ethos and reason for existing. The independent local bakery with six employees, the telesales business employing 100 part-time staff and the construction company operating across multiple offices and sites across the UK with a workforce of 250. They all need a foundation on which to build their business and support their staff. 

Common corporate values have previously included things like quality, service, accountability, honesty, improvement, leadership and innovation. And, while these are still very relevant as basic business needs, the wants and must-haves of the current workforce generation have evolved in a big way, particularly over recent years.

A couple of years ago, KPMG predicted that by 2020, millennials would represent as astounding 50% of the global workforce. And, as such, companies would need to tailor their efforts more specifically towards this cohort. Boy, were they right.

As a generation, Millennials bring wants and needs that differ from those of previous generations, and so businesses (at least those who want to survive the future) have been forced to re-look at their core values and assess how to satisfy the needs of this powerful generation.

So, just how are they doing it? 

When it comes to flexibility and support, Cademi is designed with the most modern of workers in mind. They can learn when it suits them – on an evening, on their morning commute or while power-walking on the company treadmill. All of their learning content – from their career CPD to their wellbeing regime and their personal interests are in one place – available from any of their devices. Employees are able to create their own learning paths based on the skills and knowledge they need and want.

Sustainability is high on the agenda too with our learning solution. No fuel-guzzling treks half-way across the country to attend seminars, and no takeaway food and drink supplies required to energise the starving (and bored) trainees. Just bite-sized, personalised learning that is savvy and smart.  

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