Staggering, isn’t it? If we continue like this, generating revenue growth will be harder, profits more difficult to achieve. And bearing the brunt of all this, are mostly the Millennials.

We help organisations win the talent war with a holistic learning platform that their employees LOVE to use in developing their skills whilst also advancing their health & wellbeing.

Today, employers can’t just say they care about their people, they must show it. Creating an environment where the workforce love to be part of a learning culture is key to that where they can:

Cademi enables all of that. It’s the first Holistic Learning Platform (HLP) designed for SMEs to balance upskilling with personal well-being that offers:

Complicated and time consuming to use? No way!

Cademi delivers an on demand, on-the-go, super-friendly end-user experience using intuitive AI that your workforce will love. It feels like social media, but packs a thrilling punch, like gaming. It makes learning a habit, not a tick-box task, so it’s more rewarding – and fun! That’s why we’ve put our hearts and souls into it.

Its content is hand-picked by experts to fill urgent skills-gaps and advance personal fulfilment, whilst benchmarking current skillsets and life fulfilment through its pre-analysis of learning styles.

The results are tailored to each individual’s needs by selecting the most appropriate, multi-format content, to maximise knowledge retention and skills acquisition.


Holistic health and learning has to be part of any strategic plan for growth. It’s not the ‘woo woo’ it once was, it’s the ‘wow’ that delivers hard and measurable results.

Don’t just take our word for it: research shows that:

There’s no better time than now to help close those skills gaps, look after your people’s mental health/well-being and to make healthy learning an enduring source of competitive advantage.

Is it affordable? Too right, it is. There’s a price plan to suit all budgets.